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Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day with XBTO and Inter Miami CF for a chance to win $4,999 in Bitcoin!

In partnership with Inter Miami CF, XBTO is hosting our Bitcoin Pizza Day Giveaway. 

One lucky fan will then be invited on the pitch for a halftime presentation to collect their reward of $4,999 worth of Bitcoin and have the option to take pictures on the field after the match. 

Fans also have the opportunity to obtain complimentary tickets to this weekend’s match by ordering pizza from select Papa John’s restaurants located in the vicinity of DRV PNK Stadium. Lucky customers who place orders from these locations, could receive their pizza orders with an Inter Miami CF branded box topper. Be sure to scan the QR code to view whether you have won complimentary tickets (while supplies last). The box toppers will also include a QR code to purchase tickets at a discounted price.

The Legend of Bitcoin Pizza Day

May 22 has become a de facto holiday and something of an urban legend in the Bitcoin world. It is the anniversary of the first known commercial transaction using Bitcoin.

Back on May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz of Florida convinced 18 year old Jeremy “Jercos” Sturdivant to accept 10,000 bitcoins in exchange for bringing him two large delivery pizzas from Papa John’s. Hanyecz was a programmer and early Bitcoin miner. Back then, there was little mining competition, so Laszio was easily able to mine 10,000 Bitcoin using a regular computer. Today mining Bitcoin requires whole rooms of optimized “ASIC” computers to earn even a small fraction of that.

Laszlo originally posted the offer May 18th on the IRC board but it took 4 days of chat room negotiating to convince Sturdivant and finalize the transaction in the little known currency. The reluctant Sturdivant got a good deal with those 10,000 Bitcoins being worth a whopping $41 even back then.  People have been quick to ridicule Hanyecz’s purchase, but Sturdivant did little better. In an interview in 2015, he admitted he sold all 10,000 Bitcoin he was paid for a 1000% profit … or $400!

Every year on Bitcoin Pizza Day, bitcoiners celebrate how far we have come and enjoy pointing out just how expensive those first two pizzas have become. Last year, with Bitcoin trading at a high of $63,000, EACH pizza would have cost $315,000,000! How much will they cost this year?

The Original Bitcoin Pizza Day Request


In 2018, Laszio once again made history when he paid 0.00649 BTC to buy the first pizza over the Lightning Network. Lightning Network is an ingenious new payment system that lets people use Bitcoin payments anywhere in the world quickly, securely, and almost for free. It is being used to replace expensive credit cards and bank wires and will be accepted by household names like McDonalds and Walmart later this year.

Laszio Hanyecz may have bought several other pizzas before Bitcoin’s price took off, but not surprisingly, he has been mum on the details.  Some speculate he spent a mind-boggling $3.8 Billion on pizza that summer.  Either way, in 2019, Laszio Hanyecz told Anderson Cooper he thought the transaction “made [bitcoin] real for some people. It certainly did for me”. Bitcoin is already used by millions of people worldwide and it’s only getting started. Perhaps Laszio’s famous deal was the catalyst that enabled Bitcoin’s success.

Laszlo & Family – Enjoying the World’s Most Expensive Pizza

For more details on the Inter Miami CF Bitcoin Pizza Day Giveaway, please visit our event page:

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