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XBTO International, Ltd.

OTC Trading

The volatile and fragmented cryptofinance markets require sophisticated expertise, strong relationships, and institutional liquidity. We are an active and motivated counterparty for OTC transactions.



XBTO International Ltd is an independent offshore proprietary investment company.

We are dedicated to the coverage of offshore markets. With a relationship and transactional footprint ranging from Latin America to Europe to Asia.

Incorporated and operating out of Bermuda, XBTOI has been a contributor to the jurisdiction’s legislation towards Digital Assets and provides the global offshore market with best in class institutional investment solutions and strategies.


Why Crypto OTC Trading

XBTO International Over-the-counter (OTC) trading combines access to unparalleled market liquidity with complete privacy. Each trade is conducted and executed immediately against the counterparty and is not susceptible to on-exchange price slippage nor order book discovery. This ensures that a seamless transaction with near instant settlement takes place in a safe and secure manner


Nicolas Genechesi

  • Chief Executive Officer

    XBTO International, Ltd.

Julien Auchecorne

  • Chief Operating Officer

    XBTO International, Ltd.

Nicolas and Julien lead the XBTO International team. The team comprises of experienced traders, developers and researchers from some of the most prestigious financial institutions in the world.

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