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XBTO Venture Capital

XBTO Ventures LLC, XBTO Blockhead Capital AB and its co-investors seek Seed and Series A opportunities with promising startups and Entrepreneurs, as well as LP interests in Venture Funds focusing on the cryptocurrency and AI industries. We have provided strategic ecosystem opportunities with seed and Series A capital. 

Be the First, Be the Best.

As fintech entrepreneurs ourselves, we believe that global finance is ripe for disruption by the right entrepreneurs with the right backing.  

XBTO approach the global market with a vertical understanding when investing in crypto and AI ventures. We make vertical investments that advance the technologies, create synergies, and develop the international cryptofinance infrastructure.


Current areas of focus

Our portfolio includes, but is not limited to  Libra,,, Monax, Codex and

We seek opportunities in:

Asset Liquidity

Financial Products

Artificial Intelligence

Trade Execution

Algorithm Testing

Market Platforms

Layer 2


Accounting Software

Custody and Security



Strategic Investors

Strategic Investors
  • Ecosystem


    Cryptofinance and Fintech  

    We back industry leaders that make significant improvements to the stability, security, and evolution of the cryptofinance technology.

    Advanced Technology

    XBTO supports developers of technology that improves our financial trading and business activities.

    Diverse Solutions

    The portfolio companies develop solutions for risk management, capital allocation, compliance, security, and trade execution, among other things.

  • The XBTO Family


    Relevant Investments

    The cryptofinance ecosystem is our home field. We invest, trade or partner with many of the leading stakeholders.

    Network Effect

    The companies we invest in, normally benefit from our network within the ecosystem. Our leadership team has global access to cryptofinance and crypto-technology leaders.

    Support and Success

    XBTO prides itself on being accessible to its investments’ management teams. We aim to help with game-changing introductions and experienced advice and guidance.

  • Patient and Strategic


    Patient Capital

    We are a corporate venture group investing off the balance sheet of the XBTO Group. So we don’t have a ‘fund life’ or LPs that are demanding an immediate return. We seek to maximise the success of the start up, not minimize the return time horizon.

    Center of the Sector

    Our firm is working with many of the key trading platforms, key blockchain and crypto tools companies, and we trade with the most prominent investors. This means we have strategic access to both deal flow and a network of potential partners for the startups we invest other things.

Strategic Investors


Greg Carson

  • Head of Corporate Development & Venture Capital

    XBTO Group

  • Partner

    XBTO Blockhead Capital, AB

XBTO Venture Capital invests in both Startup Entrepreneurs with great ideas and great track records, as well as innovative Venture Capital funds as an LP.

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XBTO is a Proprietary Investment Firm that has investments and licensees that span the globe. If you are looking to work with one of the largest and most trusted Cryptofinance firms globally, we would like to hear from you.

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