Behzad started his finance career in the hedge fund and private equity industry, where we focused on derivative and credit-sensitive residential mortgage-backed securities and whole loans. Behzad’s focus on building a credit investment platform became evident at Cerberus Capital Management, eventually leading him to the role of Managing Director and Head of Credit Trading at the asset management affiliate of Lonestar Funds. In 2022, Behzad joined XBTO as the Global Head of Credit and Fixed Income.


Hudson Advisors (asset management affiliate of Lonestar Funds)--Managing Director & Head of Credit Trading

Cerberus Capital Management--Analyst

Certavi Capital Management--Structured Credit Analyst

Key Accomplishments

  • Spearheaded trading of ~$30B in structured credit securities, resulting in ~$10B of profits

  • Instrumental senior member of one of the leading residential mortgage credit investment platforms within the asset management and private equity ranks

  • Responsible for the oversight of the Trading, Underwriting, and Modeling teams tasked with managing one of the largest holdings of credit securities and loans at a Tier-1 asset manager

Core Skillset

  • Deal & investment origination Credit trading

  • Consumer & corporate credit (RMBS, whole loans, ABS, CLO, HY, levered loans, IG)

  • Securitization & financial engineering Security & loan analysis

About XBTO

XBTO provides world class technology infrastructure and financial services to traditional and blockchain-enabled financial companies. Our wide range of services and products ensures our partners and clients can make the most of all available opportunities in the digital asset class.

About Credit & Fixed income

We combine traditional financial instruments with digital assets or technology to offer innovative products and services to consumers and financial institutions.

We offer residential mortgage loans for consumers and bespoke, structured credit products for institutional accounts.


Through our vertically integrated, full-service licensed mortgage lending and servicing platform, consumers can obtain a NonQM loan by leveraging their bitcoin holdings. Throughout 2023, we anticipate offering our Bitcoin Enhanced Mortgage™ to residents of CA, TX, FL, AZ, WA, CO, VA, GA, NC, NJ, IL, MD, PA, NY, and MA.


For institutional accounts looking for yield in scale, we could engineer digital fixed-income products backed by traditional consumer and corporate-structured credit assets. We take a sector and tranche-agnostic, best-relative value approach to collateral selection. Based on your duration preference and yield target, we can design digital instruments diversely collateralized by CLOs, HY, IG, ABS, Agency, Non-Agency, and other fixed-income securities.