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About Us

Philippe Bekhazi, Walton Comer, and Richad Idris founded XBTO in 2015. Since then, they have created a world-class team of finance and technology professionals. Our personnel gained invaluable experience at leading companies such as SAC Capital, JPMorgan, UBS, Tudor Investment, Magnitude Capital, Deloitte, and Société Générale. We are the ideal mix of thinkers, dreamers, and doers.

Our leaders

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  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Development
  • Crypto-Mining
  • Technology
  • Trading
  • Venture Capital

Philippe Bekhazi

  • Chief Executive Officer

    XBTO Group

Walton Comer

  • Chief Investment Officer

    XBTO Group

Richad Idris

  • Chief Technology Officer

    XBTO Group

Brice Wilson, CPA, CFA, CFE

  • Global Head Of Asset Management

    XBTO Group

  • Chief Operating Officer

    XBTO Trading, LLC

Paul Eisma

  • Head of Trading

    XBTO Trading, LLC

William Mayott, CFA

  • Director of Algorithmic Trading

    XBTO Group

Nicolas Genechesi

  • Chief Executive Officer

    XBTO International Ltd.

Julien Auchecorne

  • Chief Operating Officer

    XBTO International Ltd.

Greg Carson

  • Head of Corporate Development & Venture Capital

    XBTO Group

Robert LaSalle

  • Head of Finance

    XBTO Group

Howard Matz

  • Head of Facilities and Operation

    XBTO Mining, LLC

Our vision

Certainty, Stability, Peace of Mind

XBTO wants to accelerate the social benefits of cryptocurrency. To achieve this goal, we innovate and create “Trusted Cryptofinance” that gives comfort to market participants. We work with leading traders, investors, and entrepreneurs. Are you next?






Our vision
  • We are loyal and professional.

  • We weather the storm.

  • We are team players.

  • We are honest, resourceful, and disciplined.

Our vision

Our offices

  • New York
  • Paris
  • Bermuda
New York
3 Columbus Circle, Suite 1735 New York City, New York 10019
1 Rue George Stephenson 4ème étage Bat B 78180 Montigny le Bretonneux France
XBTO International Ltd. Park Place Building 55 Par-La-Ville Road, 2nd Floor Hamilton HM09, Bermuda

Our Journey


Philippe Bekhazi and Walter Comer worked together at SAC Capital


Bitcoin Genesis Block established


Philippe Bekhazi began studying bitcoin


Crypto market cap
reaches $1 billion


XBT Opps was founded, named after bitcoin’s original ticker XBT and ‘opportunities’


Ethereum launches

mid 2016

XBT Opps is re-branded XBTO Trading


XBTO opens its Paris office


XBTO is executing millions of trades per week across dozens of exchanges


Over 1,000 cryptocurrencies have been created


Total crypto market cap reaches $100 billion

late 2017

XBTO expands into OTC trading, crypto-mining, asset management, and venture investing


XBTO launches the crypto index fund


XBTO opens the Bermuda office

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XBTO is a global leader in cryptofinance. We trade and invest around the world. If you want to work with one of the largest and most trusted firms in the industry, we want to hear from you.






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