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Tradestation interview | How Stablehouse and XBTO Contribute to the Crypto Space: Insights from Philippe Bekhazi at Bitcoin 2021

June 22, 2021

Bekhazi highlights that XBTO is one of the pioneering institutional market makers in the crypto space. The company plays a crucial role in providing liquidity and making markets bilaterally, primarily catering to institutions. Over time, XBTO has expanded beyond algorithmic market making to venture capital, mining, and advising governments.


Empowering the Retail Market: Bekhazi co-founded Stablehouse to create a clearinghouse for stablecoins, focusing more on the retail market. Stablecoins play a vital role in the crypto ecosystem by centralizing dollars in a bank account and tokenizing them on a blockchain. This tokenization enhances the utility of a dollar and enables a wide range of applications within the crypto space.

Enabling Users to Stay in the Crypto Ecosystem:

Stablehouse offers users the ability to earn interest on their bitcoin positions while still remaining within the crypto ecosystem. The platform aims to onboard users into crypto and provide them with opportunities to engage with various financial instruments without having to leave the ecosystem.

The Future of Blockchain and Crypto:

According to Bekhazi, blockchain will likely serve as the foundation for numerous applications in the coming decade. He expresses excitement about the potential of insurance and protecting the value in crypto. There is ample room for development in insurance, as well as improved hedging and liquidity solutions to reduce volatility in the market.

Options and Miami's Thriving Crypto Scene:

Bekhazi also highlights the opportunities provided by options in the crypto space, allowing individuals to express themselves and generate profits. Discussing the move to Miami, he praises the city's vibrant energy and its strong support for crypto. The local government's socially responsible approach contributes to the growth and development of the crypto ecosystem.


The interview with Philippe Bekhazi offers insights into the contributions of Stablehouse and XBTO to the crypto space. From institutional market making to stablecoin clearinghouses, these companies are actively shaping the future of finance. Their focus on retaining users within the crypto ecosystem and driving innovation in areas like insurance and options showcases their commitment to advancing the industry. With Miami's flourishing crypto scene, the stage is set for continued growth and collaboration in this exciting and transformative space.

Watch the full interview here.

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