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XBTO launches game-changing XBTO Pro Trading (powered by Stablehouse) to empower institutional investors



October 9, 2023



XBTO launches game-changing XBTO Pro Trading (powered by Stablehouse) to empower institutional investors

XBTO launches game-changing XBTO Pro Trading (powered by Stablehouse) to empower institutional investors

XBTO Launches Game-Changing XBTO ProTrading (Powered by Stablehouse) to Empower Institutional Investors

ProTrading is the first major product launch since XBTO announced its acquisition of Stablehouse in August 2023, pending regulatory approval.

The platform, powered by Stablehouse, delivers advanced execution capabilities combined with top-tier client asset protection and service for institutions and qualified investors.

Bermuda (Monday 9th October, 2023) - XBTO, a comprehensive platform for digital assets management and tailored investment solutions, today, with its partner company Stablehouse Ltd., introduced XBTO ProTrading (PT). This is a state of the art platform designed specifically for institutions and qualified investors. 

XBTO ProTrading (PT) addresses critical challenges faced by both qualified and institutional investors in the digital asset sector, offering advanced execution capabilities alongside unparalleled client asset protection and service. ProTrading marks the first major product release since XBTO's announcement of its pending acquisition of the digital asset custody & trading platform, Stablehouse, in August 2023. This partnership has enabled XBTO to rapidly expand its suite of services for institutional investors in digital assets.

One of the major issues faced by investors is inefficient execution, which can result in delayed trades and missed opportunities. XBTO ProTrading directly tackles this, optimizing trading processes with professional trading views, enhanced order support, and optimal liquidity via its Smart Order Router and XBTO’s comprehensive counterparty network.

Another prevalent concern revolves around the risks inherent to digital asset trading. Clients frequently express concerns about fund security and potential legal vulnerabilities. XBTO ProTrading prioritises the protection of funds, ensuring that clients don't have to worry about the security of their funds or potential legal vulnerabilities. By offering segregated client accounts that are auditable on the blockchain and providing comprehensive legal safeguards, XBTO shields customer assets from potential creditor claims, instilling confidence and peace of mind among users. XBTO's commitment to top-tier security and legal compliance is showcased by its operation under the Bermuda Monetary Authority, demonstrating a proactive choice of a progressive jurisdiction.

This innovative product encompasses the XBTO Trader UI, and a ProTrading access account seamlessly hosted within the XBTO-Stablehouse Custody platform. The rollout will commence with early access on Oct. 9, followed by official general availability on Oct. 25. 

Commenting on the launch was Javier Rodriguez-Alarcon, CCO, XBTO: "We believe in giving access to professional-grade trading services to institutional clients to facilitate an effective adoption of digital assets. With XBTO ProTrading, we're making it possible for qualified investors, regardless of their scale, to experience secure, efficient and high-touch trading that was previously accessible only to a segment of experts. Our priority is to offer confidence and safety while facilitating a seamless trading and custody experience.``

The platform also offers high-touch service, providing a personalised trading experience. With features like a dedicated Relationship Manager, an OTC Trading Desk for customised order execution, and accessibility to an extensive network of top-tier liquidity providers, XBTO ProTrading ensures that users have the support and services needed for successful trading.

Javier concluded: “XBTO ProTrading offers a robust alternative to the current digital asset trading landscape, offering a holistic platform that enhances the trading experience and provides a unique value proposition for both qualified and institutional investors. Investors are encouraged to explore and register for the XBTO Pro Trading early access program, embracing a new era of secure, efficient and high-touch digital asset trading and custody."

About XBTO 

Founded in 2015, XBTO stands as a prominent platform in the world of digital assets, specialising in tailored investment solutions for sophisticated non-US investors and institutions. With its team boasting over eight years of expertise in digital assets and an impressive twenty-year track record in traditional finance, XBTO occupies a unique position at the crossroads of these two financial realms. This experience equips XBTO to provide expert insights and innovative solutions, enabling clients to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets with confidence and precision.    

Stablehouse Ltd., recently acquired by XBTO in August 2023 (subject to regulatory approval), is licensed as a digital asset business regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority with a class M License to operate as (a) a payment service provider business utilising digital assets, which includes the provision of services for the transfer of funds; (b) a digital asset exchange (c) a digital asset services vendor and (d) a business providing custodial wallet services.

For press enquiries, please contact: xbto-global@archetype.co

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