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XBTO massive partnership with Jorge Mas and David Beckham’s Inter Miami CF



September 15, 2021


Inter Miami CF

XBTO massive partnership with Jorge Mas and David Beckham’s Inter Miami CF

XBTO massive partnership with Jorge Mas and David Beckham’s Inter Miami CF

Leading cryptofinance firm XBTO is proudly announcing the partnership with Inter Miami CF, one of the most recognized soccer clubs in the US! The team boasts successful entrepreneur, Jorge Mas, and legendary soccer star, David Beckham, as co-owners. The partnership represents one of the largest sponsorship deals among soccer clubs playing in Major League Soccer (MLS) and is in line with Miami’s goal of becoming the world’s crypto capital.

XBTO is a top-tier cryptofinance company that provides platform trading, OTC trading, market-making services to some of the largest crypto exchanges, as well as investment management services to institutions and HNWIs and venture capital financing. The company started in 2015 by providing institutional-grade liquidity to well-established crypto platforms and then quickly expanded by adding more layers to what has now become a diverse portfolio of products.

Inter Miami CF was founded in 2018 and joined MLS in the 2020 season. The club is valued at over $600 million and is jointly owned by former Manchester United and Real Madrid star David Beckham and respected businessmen Jorge and Jose Mas. Jose Mas is the CEO of MasTec, a top power plant and renewable energy construction firm in the US.

As part of the deal, the new Inter Miami jerseys will feature the XBTO brand logo in all matches through 2023. The new jerseys will debut during the September 17 match against the New York Red Bulls, scheduled at 7:00 PM ET. Based on previous statistics, Inter Miami could attract an average TV audience of 500,000 viewers per match, with the club playing 34 games per season in MLS.

XBTO Grows Presence in Miami

XBTO’s partnership with Inter Miami CF is solidifying XBTO’s presence in Miami, where it landed in April of this year by opening a new office.

XBTO’s partnership with Inter Miami CF is solidifying XBTO’s presence in Miami, where it landed in April of this year by opening a new office.

Founded in the US in 2015, XBTO was eventually incorporated and licensed in Bermuda in 2017. It is one of the first crypto companies licensed and fully regulated under Bermuda’s Digital Asset Business Act (DABA). Today, the company’s team comprises over 50 professionals with global offices in Bermuda, New York, Paris, and Miami.

To leverage the crypto vibe of Miami, a city eager to adopt cryptocurrencies and blockchain at all levels, XBTO not only opened an office but relocated its headquarters there.

Shortly after coming to Miami, the company became one of the main sponsors of Bitcoin 2021, the world’s biggest crypto event, and the first major in-person crypto conference since the start of the pandemic. The list of headline speakers included Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, cryptographer Nick Szabo, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, Senator Ron Paul, and Gemini founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, among others.

The latest sponsorship deal with Inter Miami CF further highlights XBTO’s dedication to promoting the digital asset industry from the most crypto-friendly city in the US. XBTO Founder and CEO Philippe Bekhazi commented on the partnership with Inter Miami:

“As institutional adoption of cryptofinance continues to grow, XBTO is dedicated to establishing greater trust, transparency, and stability within the industry. Our partnership with Inter Miami brings us one step closer in our mission to advance greater education of cryptofinance beyond the digital asset industry.”

Inter Miami club co-owner Jorge Mas expressed his excitement about announcing XBTO as its first-ever primary jersey sponsor.

“We are pleased to welcome XBTO to our Inter Miami family and to be able to share another milestone with our fans,” said Inter Miami CEO and Managing Owner Jorge Mas. “XBTO will be fully integrated across Inter Miami’s platforms beyond the jersey. Together we will raise awareness and build credibility, and further accelerate the social benefits of cryptocurrency through strategic initiatives as XBTO continues to redefine the next era of finance.”

XBTO’s Deal Reflects Miami’s Ambition to Become Global Crypto Hub

XBTO’s partnership with Inter Miami CF comes in light of Florida’s second-largest city’s efforts to attract crypto firms and blockchain entrepreneurs as well as to adopt the technology at different levels, and with the end goal to become the crypto capital of the world.

Earlier this year, Mayor Francis Suarez unveiled his vision to officially make Miami a major crypto hub by attracting the crème de la crème of crypto businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors, as well as early-stage startups. He has been promoting the city as the world’s crypto capital.

Miami has traditionally had the “fun in the sun” image, but Suarez is keen to refashion it to a crypto city. So far, he has been successful, as many blockchain and fintech titans opened offices in Miami or moved their headquarters altogether, with many businesses leaving the Silicon Valley or New York to relocate to Florida.

Suarez has been working to make Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies a state legislative priority, invest City treasury in Bitcoin, and create the legal framework to pay employees in Bitcoin.


In February 2021, speaking about a resolution that analyzes the feasibility of approving Bitcoin as a payment means in various parts of Miami’s administration, the Mayor said:

“I wanna thank the city of Miami commissioners for supporting my resolution, which directs a city manager after analysis to procure a vendor to be able to offer our employees to get a percentage of their salary in Bitcoin; allows our residents to pay for fees in Bitcoin.”

Addressing concerns over Bitcoin’s ever-increasing carbon footprint, Suarez invited crypto companies across the world, including those that have been struggling with China’s crackdown on local miners, to come to Miami to leverage the city’s amble nuclear electricity supply, which provides clean energy sources for crypto mining operations. The Mayor stated that a shift in mining concentration to the US would ease environmental concerns.

Crypto experts support Suarez’s ambitious plans and argue that Miami is the best place to become a crypto hub. Andrew Barnard, CEO of Bitstop, the company that set the first Bitcoin ATM in Miami six years ago, and Hemang Subramanian of Florida International University told Business Insider the city was already a major financial hub.

Also, people from all over Central America, Latin America, and the Caribbean come to the city. Many of them have learned the hard way how hyperinflation in Venezuela, Argentina, or Brazil can affect savings. Barnard added that “some have experienced the confiscation of their wealth in countries such as Cuba and Nicaragua.” These citizens are first in the line to use Bitcoin for cross-border transfers, payments, and other operations.

The unique position of Miami as a financial hub while being the most unbanked major city in the US is helping it adopt Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies across all demographics, and XBTO is playing a key role in making Miami a crypto hub.

XBTO is looking to create synergies with a city eager for the adoption of cryptofinance.

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