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Backed by US T-bills. Access via XBTO’s Crypto Trading Platform.

Earn 5% APY
Avoid cash drag – access a regulated 5% APY now
5% yield-bearing stablecoin

Access 5% APY by holding wUSDM, yield-bearing stablecoin backed by T-Bills.

Regulated and transparent

wUSDM, powered by Mountain Protocol, operates under strict regulatory and compliance standards.

Capital efficiency optimized

Get 5% returns with wUSDM while you trade on XBTO’s Crypto Trading Platform or DeFi applications.

Instant 5% APY through our Crypto Trading Platform

Gain immediate access to 5% APY by holding wUSDM, an institutional-grade stablecoin that rebases daily.

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Regulated, backed by T-bills

wUSDM is backed by T-Bills, the safest USD asset widely utilized by institutions for treasury management.

USDM reserves are secured by reputable global financial institutions and audited by OpenZeppelin for robust code vulnerability assessment.

Capital efficient and fully-composable

Avoid cash drag and empower your rapid deployment in DeFi.

wUSDM is ERC-20 compatible, facilitating seamless integration with DeFi applications.

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Regulated and secure

wUSDM and XBTO are both regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

In addition, XBTO’s end-to-end bankruptcy-remote platform ensures optimal security while you trade and store wUSDM.

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