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  • XBTO Group sponsors Consensus Invest 2019 (November 12, 2019) CoinDesk will host the third iteration of Consensus: Invest, a global digital asset investor outlook Conference and Exhibition. Link here.
  • XBTO Group featured at Looking for Liquidity: How Market Players Are Adapting to an STO World (May 14, 2019) Panel featuring XBTO Group CEO Philippe Bekhazi examines the impact of security tokens on an ecosystem that grew up around the ICO boom. Link here.
  • XBTO Group featured at Magical Crypto Conference (May 11, 2019) XBTO’s Greg Carson discusses venture capital investing in the utility of Bitcoin and Markets. Link here.
  • HFM, Absolute Return: Product Development Critical for Crypto Funds (November 29, 2018) XBTO’s Brice Wilson discusses how crypto investment managers can align with their investors.  Link here (subscription required).
  • MarketsMedia: Crypto Derivatives Advance, Somewhat (July 26, 2018) XBTO Group mentioned with ten of the largest liquidity providers in the crypto markets offering a daily snapshot for bitcoin and ether-based data. Link here.
  • Global Capital: TrueEX enters Bitcoin and Ether markets (March 12, 2018) XBTO discusses the significance of TrueEx and why XBTO is encouraged by the emergence of a transparent and regulated derivatives venue for digital assets. Link here.
  • Medium: Bitcoin Futures, Government Tokens, Enterprise FOMO & Blockchain of Food (December 5, 2017) XBTO Group announces VC investment in Libra, a cryptocurrency taxation and compliance startup. Link here.
  • Forbes: Blockchain Conference: Bitcoin’s At $10,000? Crypto Is Just Getting Started (November 29, 2017) XBTO Group is mentioned as a partner to Libra Tech’s recent launch of its Libra Crypto Office software. Link here.

Past & Upcoming Events

Past & Upcoming Events
  • XBTO CIO at Bloomberg (December 6, 2018)

    On December 6, 2018, in New York City, Bloomberg featured XBTO’s co-founder and CIO in a cryptofinance panel with a focus on factors driving price action.

  • Consensus Invest 2018 (November 27, 2018)

    XBTO’s CEO Philippe Bekhazi was on stage as one of the leaders discussing industry codes of conduct and announcing the new Association for Digital Asset Markets (ADAM). XBTO is one of 10 founding board members of the important industry organisation. XBTO’s Greg Carson, Head of Corporate Development and Venture Capital, gave a talk on Finding Alpha in venture investing and the evolution of digital currencies. He revealed XBTO’s approach for strategic investments.

  • Blockchain Innovation Summit (September 2018)

    Greg Carson, XBTO’s Head of Corporate Development and Venture Capital, gave a keynote talk on the current and future state of blockchain finance. He also participated on a panel concerning OTC trading in cryptofinance. Brice Wilson, XBTO’s Global Head of Asset Management, was on a panel covering the regulatory landscape of cryptofinance and investment funds.

Past & Upcoming Events

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