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OTC and Block Trading

The fragmented and volatile cryptofinance markets require liquidity solutions. XBTO is an experienced and motivated counterparty in over-the-counter (OTC) transactions and block trading. We have the expertise, technology, and resources to settle trades quickly and efficiently.
For trading in the United States, contact XBTO Trading, LLC, or XBTO Futures, LLC. For trading outside the United States, contact XBTO International Ltd.

  • Unparalleled execution
  • Ability to trade large blocks
  • Trusted by top counterparties

We build relationships with industry leaders and help set the standards for this dynamic, fast-paced market. We seek to provide the industry with best-in-class quality, security, and reliability.

XBTO identifies and unlocks trading opportunities while minimizing risk. We have global access and focus.


Why trade off-exchange?

Off-exchange trading combines market liquidity with discretion, accountability, and negotiable terms. Traders can execute large transactions promptly without the price slippages and order book visibility of exchange trading.

Why trade with XBTO?

Why trade with XBTO?
  • Intersection of Trading and Technology

    Trusted Cryptofinance

    We use advanced technology, research, and risk management to pursue strategic market opportunities.

    Performance-Focused Technology

    Our traders, analysts, and programmers work together to adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

    Robust Operational Infrastructure

    Our trading team is supported by specialists in compliance, security, and trade execution.

  • Sophisticated Execution

    Experienced Traders

    Our traders have analyzed and traded all major types of financial assets for leading financial companies.

    Reliable Transactions

    We provide counterparties with creative solutions that meet their needs.

  • Unmatched Knowledge and Experience

    Blockchain Expertise

    Our team has deep knowledge of the blockchain technology that underlies digital assets. We often collaborate with core developers in the industry.

    Proprietary Solutions

    We develop and maintain our own trading algorithms and software.

    Close Relationships

    The principals of XBTO have deep relationships in finance and technology, gained from many years of experience at leading companies.

  • Cryptofinance Expertise

    Thought Leadership

    Our team actively promotes the rapid evolution of this revolutionary technology and industry. We work with industry leaders on best practices.

    Focus on Commodities

    With backgrounds in foreign exchange and derivatives, the XBTO principals now focus on digital currencies. XBTO generally avoids trading securities.

Why trade with XBTO?


Paul Eisma

  • Head of Trading

    XBTO Group

The XBTO team has decades of experience at the world’s most respected financial and technology companies.

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We are always looking for qualified counterparties. The typical onboarding process includes NDAs, non-binding term sheets, and AML/KYC. We use an efficient system with physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that keep your information secure.

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